All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Christmas Lights Business

Micro Cutters

The wire cutters are used to make clean cuts on all of our extension cords and C9 wires.

Wire Cutters

These wire cutters are used for cutting thicker wires, which we use to hang our beautiful Christmas wreaths.

On and off switch With Remote

The remote control allows us to turn on and off the Christmas lights while keeping power supply for all connected devices. This will allow us to turn off the lights to cut the wires.

Kill A Watt Meter

This meter is a must have for any DIY enthusiast or professional electrician. You can use this small device to troubleshoot when you're having electrical problems and it's very easy-to see!

GFCI Extension Cord

GFCI protector is the best way to make sure you don't pop a breaker.

Christmas Lights Pouch

Hauling around Christmas lights, plugs and stuff has never been so easy! This vest will allow you to carry all the males or female cutters' lightbulbs with ease.

Cougar Paws

Cougar Paws has been tested up to a 12/12 pitch; however, other measures must be taken for steeper pitches. The Peak Performer's 6" high uppers will protect you from rolling or stumbling as you make your ascent while still allowing the light coloration keep feet cool in hot sun conditions with asphalt roofs!

Cougar Paws Replacement Pads

These pads are an affordable way to get your cougar paws back!

7 to 30-foot Extension Pole

The perfect solution for putting up your Christmas lights on trees with ease

With the 7-30 foot long extension poles, you can reach those hard-to-get-at-spots trees. It's never been easier or safer than now!

The Elf

Hanging up your Christmas lights is a lot easier with the elf. He's small and light, so he won't block any of those beautiful views you've been looking at all day long!

Christmas light hooks

Christmas light hooks can be used to hang lights on the tree with ease.

Christmas Lights Hook

You can hang Christmas lights to the top of very tall trees with this bendable hook. Here's a video on it

The Goat Assist

The goat assist is a handy tool to get you up those tricky roofs.

Ridge Pro

The Ridge Pro can be used as an innovative roof anchor designed to work at the peak of a house.

Harness Kit

This harness kit is perfect for ensuring you don't fall off the roof with your Ridge Pro.

Quickclick Stabilizer

The stabilizer is a great way to keep your ladder from falling over

Levelok ladder levelers

Ladder levelers are a great tool for any installer, especially those who work on roofs. The best part about them is that they can be used when the ground isn't perfectly flat or even at all!

Extension Ladder

Hanging Christmas lights is a complicated task that requires the perfect ladder for your needs. The 28-foot, 32 foot or even 40 foot extension ladders are all great options to have in order hang up those beautiful strands of bulbs without any problem at all!

Little Giant Ladder

The remote control allows us to turn on and off the Christmas lights while keeping power supply for all connected devices. This will allow us to turn off the lights to cut the wires.

Pitch Hopper

The pitch hopper is a unique tool that allows you to get on any roof, no matter how high or steep it may be. It has many different variations so users can find one suitable for their needs- whether they want something quick with little effort or more challenging than what's been done before!

Cordless Glue Gun

Glue guns are the perfect tool for the guy that loves to glue Christmas lights on houses.

Ladder Protector

Ladder protectors can save your house from being torn by ladders.


For the guys that love to use a staple gun, this is an essential item. It's small and can be stored anywhere so you never have trouble finding it when needed!

Head Lamp

Head lamps are a great way to see what's going on when you have your lights turned off and need some help troubleshooting.